Private Practice

Roland Burris & Associates is a family owned and operated private practice in the tradition of'
the public service Mr. Burris is famous for. Our practice focuses on the unbiased requirement of our valued clients.

Practice of Law

Roland Burris & Associates - Attorneys at law

Burris & Associates understand the tragic experience of losing a loved one. We express to our clients that the sensitive and emotional period and provides oversight to the process of sorting the decedents estate by ensuring that the instructions in the Will and Trust are upheld.

This process is neither routine nor always amicable as families my disagree with the process, documents and/or allocations of material, property, finances, etc. Burris & Associates uses settlement, mediation, or litigation, if required, to clarify the terms of a loved ones final wishes.

This is why our integrated practices, Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts, Probate Law, Elder Law, Real Estate and Commercial Transactions work so well to the benefit of our clients and why we have chosen these disciplines to work together to provide a full suite of legal services that address all of our clients requirements in the area of law.